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Pamper your pet today!

Our services


    Blow dry
    Nail trim / Nail grinding (when requested and if your pet allows)
    Ear plucking (if requested)
    Ear cleaning
    Anal Gland expression (if requested)
    Tooth brushing (if requested and if your pet's teeth are in good condition)

    Bath & Tidy:
    Same as above plus a light trimming of your pet's face, feet and hygiene areas.

    Full Groom:
    Same as above plus a full body haircut.

    We do not offer dematting services. Humanity before vanity is our motto! Dematting is painful and will cause the hair to mat again even more quickly! We will cut the mats out.

      Puppy Package

    Experts agree that it's never too early to introduce your pet to grooming. We like to get them used to grooming as early as 8 weeks old using our positive techniques/methods. Your puppy may take 1-2 visits to get used to grooming but after that, they'll be as happy for grooming as they are to see you after a long day at work. 

    Our puppy package is a reduced rate and is designed to be a positive experience. We will not push your puppy and make grooming something that will be upsetting for them. We want them to get used to us, the grooming tools and process. We will attempt everything in the Bath & Tidy package.

    Senior Dogs

    We also cater to older dogs, those who have health and joint problems and we use a gentle approach. We never force anything on a dog and take as long as needed to take care of your pup. We make this as positive an experience as possible.

    We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Please give us a call at (703) 431-6626 or e-mail us at johnandlibby@leegrooming.com

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